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Disco Diva Magazine is the new web-magazine "disco lifestyle" at 360 °, with all the news coming from the "disco world", the new record releases, the history of DJs and clubs, in Italy and in the world, with interviews and anecdotes told directly by the protagonists, the reviews of the most important discs of the "disco" era and also the new releases recommended by the editorial staff.
Disco Diva Magazine is the web-magazine for all the "disco lovers", the musical genre that knows no age and crosses all the generations and age groups from the ex-baby boomers to the teenagers of our days.
Diva magazine is the "house organ" of Disco Diva, the first Italian disco music festival to be staged every year in Gabicce Monte Mare, the unmissable event of early summer for fans of the disco genre, with performers of the great artists International.
Disco Diva Magazine is on-line on the official website of the event www.discodiva.it.

Cloud One - Spaced Out

After the release of the special double vinyl edition on the Record Store Day, Spaced Out by Cloud One is also released on CD.

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Paky Mele DJ

by Max De Giovanni

The journey into the world of music has continued for over 40 years. I interviewed a pioneer of the console, Paky Mele, over four decades in the console and with four generations of clubbers so as to become one of the longest running dee jay.

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The new Dive della Disco

If in the years 70 the album has become big thanks to its Dive like Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Sledge sisters, Roberta Kelly, Linda Clifford, Carrie Lucas, Loleatta Holloway, Claudja Barry, Norma Jean Wright (we could go on to 'infinito' today, the new album, has its new Dive.

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Souuuuul Train!

Can a simple television program become a universal icon of black music, dance and the symbol of the 70 years?

Can he.

The program is Soul Train, indeed Souuuuul Train!

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Love Unlimited Orchestra 1973-1979

Seven albums of the Love Unlimited Orchestra, published by 20th Century Records in the 1973-1979 period, are reprinted in a remastered version and contained in an exclusive box set.

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Donna Summer - Another Place and Time

The album Another Place and Time published by Donna Summer in the 1989 is reprinted to celebrate her 30 anniversary.

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Luther Vandross - My Body / Louie Vega Remixes

On the occasion of the 2019 Record Store Day to be celebrated on the next 13 April, Vega Records, a record label headed by the famous DJ Louie Vega, publishes an unreleased single by Luther Vandross entitled My Body.

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Gloria Gaynor - Experience

How can we repeat the great success obtained with the debut album Never Can Say Goodbye? With experience, even with Experience.

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First Ladies of Disco

First Ladies of Disco is a project, a brand, a show and above all lots of music. Their new single called Do not Give Up is about to be released soon.

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The Pesaro nights - Aldo Ballerini DJ

by Max De Giovanni

A chat with an old friend: historian DJ from Pesaro, he played among others at the Stork in Pesaro then became Why Not, and at the Chocolate of Gabicce Mare.

DJ with engineering studies behind him, an unbridled passion for motorcycles, journalist and editor of specialized magazines.

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