Barely Breaking Even

DJ Louie Vega presents Leroy Burgess & the Universal Robot Band featuring Patrick Adams with the song Barely Breaking Even.

Barely Breaking Even is a legendary "boogie" track published in the 1982 by Universal Robot Band, written by Leroy Burgess, James Calloway and Sonny Davenport, produced by Greg Carmichael for the Moonglow Records label.

For over ten years the trio Greg Carmichael, Patrick Adams and Leroy Burgess have produced many magic records and Barely Breaking Even is definitely one of them.

The September 27 will be published the new work of Louie Vega, DJ New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx, made in collaboration with Leroy Burgess and with the legendary producer Patrick Adams. This is a new version of Barely Breaking Even, icon-track in the "boogie-disco" period in New York City in the early '80.

Among the names inextricably linked to this period is that of Leroy Burgess, singer, author, keyboardist and producer, member of Black Ivory, Aleem and voice of the groups produced by Patrick Adams, among the many Bumble Bee Unlimited, Logg, Inner Life, Dazzle, Phreek and Universal Robot Band.

The publication of Barely Breaking Even happens when the Black Ivory group celebrates the 50 anniversary with the three original members, then also Leroy Burgess. For the occasion, Patrick Adams, author and producer of the band, wanted to remember some singles signed “Avorio Nero” such as Don't Turn Around, Our Future, Mainline, I'll Find a Way, You and I and Will We Ever Come Together.

We could talk a lot about Patrick Adams but just remember that he is one of the most important producers of the disco era and of dance music in general. Universal Robot Band is one of his many creatures that we remember with unforgettable classics like Dance and Shake Your Tambourine and Freak With Me.

The single 12inch that Louie Vega has created is actually an EP that contains Barely Breaking Even in several editions, namely the "Louie Vega Boogie Mix", also instrumental, the other instrumental "NYC House Remix" as well as some "Boogie Radio Edit ”, Also instrumental, which are contained in the single 7inch. All remixes feature the Apple Hill String Quartet strings arranged by Adams and Burgess.

The disc is published by the British record label BBE founded by DJs Peter Adarkwah and Ben Jolly. No coincidence that the name chosen by this record label is the acronym of Barely Breaking Even.