Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

All of Cheryl Lynn's successes published by Columbia Records from the 1978 to the 1985 are contained in the new compilation called Got To Be Real: The Columbia Anthology.

Singer Cheryl Lynn, from Los Angeles, made her debut in the 1978 with the song Got To Be Real, which achieved incredible success on the charts but also in radio and disco. Got To Be Real has become a classic of disco-soul music.

SoulMusic Records, which specializes in soul and R&B reissues, has released a new compilation that includes the six albums made by Cheryl Lynn published by Columbia.

The songs of the compilation are 31 contained in 2 CD, the first is Star Love, the second If This World Were Mine, titles that are inspired by two songs by Cheryl.

From the first album simply titled Cheryl Lynn (1978) we highlight the songs Got To Be Real, All My Lovin ', Star Love and You Saved My Day.

From the album In Love (1979) we report instead I've Got Faith In You, Keep It Hot and the title track In Love.

Shake It Up Tonight, In The Night and What's On Your Mind are featured on the album, produced by Ray Parker Jr. In The Night (1981) while from Instant Love (1982) there are, among others, Look Before You Leap, Day After Day, the title track Instant Love and the wonderful If This World Were Mine sung together with Luther Vandross.

It's time for the album Preppie (1983) from which we mention Encore, Change The Channel and the title track Preppie. The last album released by Columbia is It's Gonna Be Right (1985) from which we point out Fidelity and Fade To Black.

Great work by SoulMusic Records for having included some songs in the compilation in which Cheryl Lynn is an exceptional vocalist: At Last You're Mine, from the soundtrack of the movie "Heavenly Bodies", Goodbye For Now (Theme from Reds) by jazz flautist Hubert Laws e Georgy Porgy, an authentic musical gem of the rock group Toto (contained in their eponymous debut album) embellished by the voice of Cheryl Lynn.