The Emotions - Don't ask my neighbors

The new box set dedicated to the female trio of Emotions contains their five albums published in the 1976-1981 period by the Columbia / ARC record company.

The Emotions are actually the sisters Hutchinson, Wanda, Jeanette and Sheila, originally from Chicago.

After a couple of albums released by the record label Volt, a subsidiary of Stax Records, the Emotions reach the upper floors, from the 1976 their records are published by the prestigious Columbia Records, a label that already boasted an impressive list of artists, especially jazz (only to name a few Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire, Weather Report, Chicago).

The first album that Emotions made with Columbia is Flowers (1976) created in collaboration with Maurice White, leader of EW&F. It contains the incredible hit, very strong even in the disco, I don't want to lose your love. Another single to remember is the title-track Flowers.

Maurice White with his production company Kalimba Records will accompany the Emotions for many years.

The next album is Rejoice (1977) which decrees the great success of the three sisters with the single Best of my love, in the United States at the number 1 position both in the soul and pop charts. With this song the Emotions win the Grammy as R&B Vocal Group. Another lucky single from Rejoice is Don't ask my neighbors, a sweet ballad called the new compilation.

Sunbeam (1978) is the Emotions' less successful album but still contains wonderful songs like Love vibes and Smile, a single that manages to make it into the Top 10 of the soul ranking.

With the publication of Come Into Our World (1979) the record label Columbia is joined by ARC (American Recording Company), a historic American label revitalized by Maurice White of EW&F. The tracks to be reported of Come Into Our World are What's the name of your love and Where is your love which are both made as singles.

Latest album for ARC / Columbia is New Affair (1981) which contains two well-placed singles in the soul charts, Turn it out and Now that I know.

Also in this case SoulMusic Records, which publishes the compilation, has thought well of inserting some bonus tracks including Boogie Wonderland of 1979, big hit of Earth Wind & Fire with Emotions.

Don't ask my neighbor - the Columbia / ARC recording 1976-1981 - is published by SoulMusic Records and is available in the 3 CD edition. The liner notes are signed by SoulMusic founder David Nathan, known as "soul ambassador in Europe".